A Fresh New Life

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Signs of fresh, newness of life is emerging all around us. A close look at our surroundings will help us to see that new life is beginning to rise from below the earth as spring flowers rise toward the sunshine. Indeed, these glorious, God given gifts for us will surely bring pleasure and delight to our human senses and allow us to experience the brilliance of God’s creation. Newness of life abounds… colorful flowers rising from the soil. Newness of life in abundance we sinners receive when the risen Christ emerges from a dark, empty tomb on Easter Sunday!

But this fresh, new life isn’t just for a day, week or season. Newness of life is a lifelong gift, freely given to us from a God who loves us so deeply that he freely gives his beloved Son, Jesus Christ, to die on a cross and resurrect for the forgiveness of all our sins… when sin and death have no power over us anymore!

This Easter season, and all year long, I invite you to remember that you are a beloved child of God, gifted with beautiful life, born anew each day as an important member of a community of believers who are free to blossom and grow into who we are meant to be as individuals. Just as a fresh, new life emerges from mulch-covered soil in spring, a fresh and new life for us emerges for us each moment of every day with the risen Christ!

Christ is risen, he is risen, indeed! Alleluia!

Pastor Reis

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