An Invitation in Lent

The Lenten season isn’t as much an individual self-discovery discipline, it is a journey, a walk taken with fellow journey persons to the cross. The stories of Jesus tell us that the journey is filled with new relationships, danger, unexpected obstacles, new ways of seeing God, and always, always the presence of Jesus along the way.

When we think about “discipleship,” it is first a way of living – the way we lead our lives in the Good News of Jesus. A wide and vast array of ways we encounter God are daily present. Through big ways and small, quiet and loud moments, God’s presence surrounds us.

Making meaning of this presence, nurturing and growing it, is the act of spiritual practices. Some practices are obvious: prayer, worship, feeding the hungry. During Lent, the practice of abstinence, or “giving something up,” is a spiritual practice intended to draw us closer to Christ’s own sacrifice and that all our needs, hunger and wants are filled up in Jesus.

So this Lent, I invite you to “take something on” through deepening, or revisiting, or even developing a spiritual practice. Through Lent, there will be lots of invitations to practice provided by this community.

Some of them include:

Giving:  The 40 Day clothing practice.

Witness:  Lent 40 Days in Pictures on Facebook (post onto the St James’ FB page a photo that relates to the word of the day. No explanations needed. Watch the FB page for the words!)

Study and Meditation:  Every Thursday during Lent, starting on Feb. 27th at 10 a.m., we’ll study “The Walk: Five Essential Practices of the Christian Life” by Pr. Adam Hamilton. This conversation will be 1 hour long and led by Pr. Katrina.

These are just a few invitations to spiritual practices. Stay awake in worship and community life here, and more opportunities may just reveal themselves!

Welcome to the Lenten journey! PK

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