First, We Give of Ourselves

How do you give in grace? This is the question we are exploring this fall at St. James. It is a question of discipleship and stewardship. It is a question that asks us to stop for a moment and consider why we give of our time, talents, spiritual gifts, and financial resources.

The Apostle Paul, in 2 Corinthians 8:5 describes the spiritual center of our giving. In describing the generosity of the Macedonian Christians, he says: “…they first gave themselves to the Lord.” Our giving, in whatever form, is the giving of ourselves as a response to God’s grace in Christ. “Giving in Grace” is the joyful sharing of what has been given to us through God’s abundant generosity.

There are two foundational reasons why we give. The first reason is that our giving in grace is a response to God’s rich gift to us. The second reason for our giving is that our ministries of St. James can continue to boldly grow in the proclamation of this gift of grace. “Giving in Grace” is sharing gifts in order that lives can be touched with the love and grace of God in Christ.

This fall, each member at St. James is being asked to consider why you give and how you might grow in your giving. Each member is asked to pray about what it might mean to first give of yourself and to give in grace.

As a guide to growth in financial giving, members at St. James are invited to consider the tithe or 10% of one’s income as a joyful response to God’s life changing gift of grace. If this is something that you will need some time to grow into, an invitation is extended to grow your present giving by 10%. In other words, if you are presently giving $50.00 per week, an increase of 10% would be an additional $5.00 added to the $50.00, totaling $55.00 per week.

Over these next few week, please enter into a time of prayer of how you can give of yourself, give in grace, and grow in sharing your gifts in response to God’s own giving, in Christ, of a life transforming grace for you.

Serving Together in Christ,

Pastor Dee

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