Welcome to St. James

Please join us for worship or come to one of the many activities of the church. It is the hope of the congregation and Pastor of St. James that you will know God’s grace, peace, joy, and love as you worship with us. We worship together in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord through hearing the Holy Scriptures and the Word of God preached and receiving the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

Work of the Church Continues!

Matthew 28:16-20, Mark 16:14-20, Luke 24:36-53, and John 21:15-25. These are the Gospels accounts of Jesus’ interaction with the disciples just before He ascended into Heaven. In each of these accounts, Jesus tells His Apostles and disciples to go out into the world preaching and teaching all that He had taught them. The Apostles and disciples were to get Jesus’ church up and running and they did with great sacrifice to their own lives. The Apostles and disciples started the church and every generation after them has kept it going. The church may not have been perfect with spreading God’s word taught to us by Jesus, however, for almost 2000 years the church has persisted and grown until today. It seems that we are trying to continue spreading God’s word as taught by Jesus here at St. James, although we have to admit we are not perfect in all we do. We just had a restful summer off. Many of our committees have taken some of the summer off, Sunday School has been off, and those who help during the services have had a … Continue reading

Youth and Family Ministries

Check out the Youth and Family Ministries page for our upcoming events.